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The review process of papers submitted to conferences is a task of outmost importance that is taken very seriously in ASciE. All the articles that are submitted are assigned to reviewers after the pairing between their fields of expertise and the topics that the authors selected while uploading them. No paper can be published without the consent of at least two independent reviewers. The ASciE staffs are in no way involved in the acceptance process.

If you wish to become an ASciE reviewer, please send your CV to info@a-scie.org.

Benefits of Reviewers
Reviewers are added to Reviewer Boards of conferences organized by ASciE and affiliates according to their fields;
Reviewers who write clear, detailed comments and judge a significant number of papers may be appointed conference chairmen (PhD holders only)
Reviewers may request an official certificate for their services from the ASciE staff;
Priority of Guest Editor apply;

Duties of Reviewers
Reviewers should judge the papers that are assigned to them -provided that they are within their field of knowledge- by assessing their scientific value, the correctness of the content, the quality of the language, the level of innovation and the accuracy of the format; Reviewers should preferably refrain from giving marks to a paper without providing any comments.

ASciE is a wide and well-organized network of individuals and represents a world of information exchange and experience for the benefit of the professional development of its members. We are inviting you to get actively involved in our association by joining our technical communities, by attending conferences and presenting papers, and by participating in our TECH courses and Webinars. The benefits of your involvement and participation will provide value back to you, your company and to the industry.

For more information on membership, please contact at info@a-scie.org.

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