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About Paper Submission

Q: Can I submit my paper to other journals or conferences?

A: No. If the articles have been accepted by the conference organizing committee or are in the review process, the author shall not submit the articles to other conferences or journals; otherwise, it will be deemed as multiple contributions.

Q: Can I contribute in Chinese?

A: No. All papers are submitted in English only, and English language quality is an important part of paper evaluation.

Q: How long will the results be received after submission?

A: In 3-5 working days after receiving the paper, we will contact the author for the result of preliminary examination: modification or rejection. If you don't receive the email, it means that your paper has passed the preliminary examination and is in the process of expert review. The first-round review comments will be returned in about 1-2 weeks, and the whole review process will take about 1 month. The status of the paper can be viewed through the submission system.

Q: Do I have to check the duplication by myself or by the organizing committee?

A: The author can check the duplication at his own expense through CrossCheck, Turnitin and other query systems. Otherwise the author will be responsible for the rejection caused by high repetition rate of articles. Papers suspected of plagiarism will not be published.

Q: How to submit conference papers?

A: The author can find the corresponding official website of the conference and submit the paper through the official contribution system (some conferences can deliver the paper through email, the details shall be subject to the official website information of the conference).

Q: How to check whether the article is uploaded successfully?

A: After logging on the submission system by user name and password, you can check whether the submission is successful. If it is successful, the paper ID and author information will be displayed on the submission system. If not, please send it again or contact the organizing committee email for confirmation. After successful delivery, the author's registered email will receive an email. Some e-mails (such as QQ) may identify the e-mails automatically sent by the system as spam.

Q: What's the way to review conference papers?

A: The conference committee adopts the double-blind peer review process, and each paper will be sent to no less than 2 reviewers for review. Generally, preliminary examination time is about three working days after submission, and the first round of review results will be given about two weeks after submission. The whole review process is about one month.

About Attending Conference

Q: Can non article authors attend the conference?

A: Yes, please consult the corresponding conference committee for details.

Q: Can I register on site?

A: Yes. However, please be sure to inform the conference committee in advance of the participant’s information, and the participant can only attend the conference after approval.

Q: How to get conference invitation?

A: In general, you can obtain the general invitation from the official website of the conference. If you have special requirements, you need to contact the organizing committee in advance.

Other Questions

Q: When will the invoice and proceedings be sent to the author after the paper is accepted?

A: After the payment is completed, you can contact the organizing committee to obtain the invoice (e-ticket, paper ticket through mail or on site). The electronic version and CD-ROM version of paper are usually sent by the organizing committee after the paper is published.

Q: How to buy hardcopy proceedings?

The registration fee of the conference does not include the hardcopy proceedings, and the author can print a single page or the whole proceedings according to the electronic version (including cover, catalog, etc.). You can also contact the publishing house directly to order.

Q: How about the indexation of the conference proceedings?

A: The database is a neutral organization of the third party, and the organizing committee generally has no right to interfere with its indexation process, but the organizing committee has the responsibility and obligation to clarify the important factors that affect the retrieval to the author. Generally, the indexation mainly depends on the quality of the publisher and articles. If the publisher’s indexation history is good, and the conference also strictly controls the quality of the articles, the probability of retrieval is relatively high.

Q: How to get the indexation report?

You can directly go to the university library that has purchased the relevant database to issue the indexation report. In China, Wuhan University, Peking University, Nankai University, Fudan University and other comprehensive universities have purchased databases such as web of science and EI. The organizing committee can provide the indexation screenshot, but not the indexation report.

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